New waggons used for the Moscow-service

May 2009 - new waggons

The direct service Pyongyang - Tumangang/Khasan - Moscow, which is provided by the North Korean railways, is now done with "new" waggons.
Well, they are not totally new, they are bought 2nd hand from Russia and were recently modernized in Ukraine.

Here are some photos (taken in Perm, Russia):

For comparison, here the waggon, which was formerly used on that route:

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  1. Interesting photos. RZD has put new (or modernised) carriages on to the Moscow-Pyongyang service, so perhaps the North Koreans felt a need to keep up.

    I noticed that the old North Korean sleepers had raised metal numbers, while the "new" one just has stenciled inscriptions (as on the ex-RZD stock you saw inside North Korea). Speaking of which, perhaps the old international sleepers have been demoted to domestic services.