Other Trip reports and photos

Other travelogues and reports written from a railwayfan's point of view:

David Eerdmanns train trip from the Netherlands to North Korea in 2004:
part 1 (Netherlands - Moscow)
part 2 - lost?
part 3 (Moscow - Barnaul)

part 4 (Barnaul - Novosibirsk)
part 5 (Novosibirsk - Irkutsk)
part 6 - lost?
part 7 (UB - Beijing)
part 8 (Beijing - Pyongyang)
part 9 (Pyongyang - Beijing)

Other NK-travelogues which include a train trip:

Life in paradise - a travelogue by Ron Gluckman:

My Kim-Il-Sung pin and on the train to Dandong:

My Kim Il Sung pin and on the train to Dandong

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