Kim Jong Il's private train

An interesting article about Kim Jong Il's private train was recently published by "The Chosun Ilbo":

Another interesting article:

In 2001 Kim Jong Il visited Moscow using his private train. The route was via the North Korean/Russian border at Tumangan/Khasan.
Detailed reports in Russian are available at http://www.transsib.ru/Article/article-digest02.htm
You might use http://translate.google.at/translate_t# to translate it.


Trip reports about the Khasan/Tumangan border

Short report by Roderick Smith about his Pyongyang - Moscow trip via Tumangan/Khasan in ~1994:

My own train trip from Vienna to Pyongyang via the Russian-North Korean border at Khasan/Tumangan in 2008:

New waggons used for the Moscow-service

May 2009 - new waggons

The direct service Pyongyang - Tumangang/Khasan - Moscow, which is provided by the North Korean railways, is now done with "new" waggons.
Well, they are not totally new, they are bought 2nd hand from Russia and were recently modernized in Ukraine.

Here are some photos (taken in Perm, Russia):

For comparison, here the waggon, which was formerly used on that route:


Other Trip reports and photos

Other travelogues and reports written from a railwayfan's point of view:

David Eerdmanns train trip from the Netherlands to North Korea in 2004:
part 1 (Netherlands - Moscow)
part 2 - lost?
part 3 (Moscow - Barnaul)

part 4 (Barnaul - Novosibirsk)
part 5 (Novosibirsk - Irkutsk)
part 6 - lost?
part 7 (UB - Beijing)
part 8 (Beijing - Pyongyang)
part 9 (Pyongyang - Beijing)

Other NK-travelogues which include a train trip:

Life in paradise - a travelogue by Ron Gluckman:

My Kim-Il-Sung pin and on the train to Dandong:

My Kim Il Sung pin and on the train to Dandong


A private website about the metro in Pyongyang.

A company, which organized special North Korea trips for railway enthusiasts. Many interesting reports and photos.

A private website about train travel, it also includes a short North Korea section.

Some interesting information about the railway in North Korea

Railfan trip to the DPRK in 2005

A friend of mine joined a special railfan-tour to North Korea in 2005 (see also http://www.farrail.com/seiten/tour-report/nordkorea-dampfloks-05-04.html). I scanned his photos and uploaded them here with his permission: